The cotechino is a "poor man's sausage" and has always been a culinary tradition in northern Italy.It is made by mincing meat, fat and pork rind (known in Italian as cotenna, hence the name of the sausage), mixing this with salt and spices and then stuffing it in natural casings and tied.

A dish traditionally enjoyed with lentils during the end-of-the-year celebrations, cotechino is a delicious and nutritious food typical of winter.In northern Italy, cotechino is also often served cold as an appetiser with potato purée.


Nutritional information


  1. Average values ​​per 100g:
  2. Energy:                                                       1441 kJ / 348 kcal
  3. Fats:                                                                                      31 g
  4. of which saturated fatty acids:                                        12 g
  5. Carbohydrates:                                                                  1,3 g
  6. of which sugars:                                                                  0 g
  7. Proteins:                                                                               16 g
  8. Salt:                                                                                      2,7 g


Data sheet

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