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In 1969 Vittorio Bortolazzi and his brother Giorgio had nine years of experience in butchery and decided to open their own butcher shop.


The business had some success, until they decided to split up in 1987. They took two straws, a longer and shorter one: whoever picked the long one would continue to run the business. Vittorio chose the shorter straw. He didn't feel discouraged and launched his own Salumificio Bovo on the 8th March 1987, naming it after the town where you can still find it today. Soon the business established itself in the territory as genuine handcrafted producer, distinguishing itself for the quality and taste of its sausages that are still produced in the same way.


In 1997 Vittorio conferred the company to his son Massimo who consolidated it further and expanded the range of products, while maintaining the quality tradition his father taught him. All specialities of the Bovo sausage factory are produced exclusively from meat of pigs raised and slaughtered in the Italian territory. The best cuts are picked straight during slaughter by our staff, transported to the workshop and processed to achieve high-quality standards.


Since the beginning, the Bovo sausage factory has set itself high standards of quality, using the expertise and knowledge that only an artisan has. The taste of authenticity that Bovo provides is found in all its products. Over the years, in fact, it was the company's decision to specialise in a small range of products, being convinced that it is not quantity that makes quality, but love and passion for one's own work. The Bovo sausage factory produces Venetian sopressa, salami, tastasal, sausages, luganeghe sausages and cotechino, coppa and pancette, rolled pancetta in its classic version or with pepper and hot chili.


All our sausages are produced in different sizes to measure and weight, to meet the varied needs of our customers for many years now have identified a sausage factory Bovo reference certain to stand out in the market for fresh meats and sausages.

During production, Salumificio Bovo uses a unique recipe for each product dictated by the knowledge and wisdom of experienced hands who know how to pick the best cuts and add the right amount of salt and spices, allowing the product to have the same smell and taste of the past.

All Bovo products are gluten- and lactose-free.

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