Production of quality lunch meats


Salumificio Bovo produces sausages using selected meats and a caring ability resulting from years of work in the field. The company chose to provide only a small number of sausage types, based on the principle that limiting production increases the quality of the individual cold cuts. The company, based in Bovo di Buttapietra near Verona, manufactures cold cuts and sausages of various types, paying particular attention to local traditional ones, such as the Veronese tastasal and the Venetian sopressa.

Wide choice of culinary delights

The salami producer is known and appreciated all over the country for the wide range of products such as sausages, tastasal, cotechini, luganeghe sausages, rolled pancetta, coppa, cured lard, salami and the famous Venetian soppressa. All products are made by processing the meat of pigs raised and butchered exclusively in Italy.

We select and process meat

The individual sausages are products that come in different sizes and weights to meet the needs of customers. The recipes are the result of an ongoing specialisation process and provide a perfect mix of meat, salt and spices and an accurate choice of meat cuts. Our sales aim to serve private customers, industry wholesalers, traders and retailers. We also supply first choice pork meat.

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