"Salamella" sausage is the queen of the grill. It is made by mincing pork belly, shoulder and ham, mixing it with just salt and pepper, and stuffing it in natural casings and tied.There can be no better mixed grill with friends than one with this fresh sausage cooked and served to taste.The careful selection of cuts and painstaking preparation and storage make the "salamella" sausage by Bovo an undisputed star of the dinner-table.

The "salamella" sausage by Bovo is available finely or coarsely minced.


Nutritional information


  1. Average values ​​per 100g:
  2. Energy:                                          1328 kJ / 321 kcal
  3. Fats:                                                                        29 g
  4. of which saturated fatty acids:                           11 g
  5. Carbohydrates:                                                      0 g
  6. of which sugars:                                                    0 g
  7. Proteins:                                                                 15 g
  8. Salt:                                                                        1,9 g

Data sheet

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