Traditional Venetian soppressa

Venetian Sopressa

The Salumificio Bovo in Buttapietra near Verona is renowned for the production of local salami.Choice cuts and careful processing with an eye for authenticity guarantee products of excellence.One such product is the delicious Venetian soppressa.Learn how it is made and savour its great taste.


The Venetian soppressa is a typical sausage of the region made by mincing pork belly, shoulder and ham and mixing it with salt, pepper and other spices.The mixture is stuffed in natural or reformed casings, tied and left to cure at controlled temperature and humidity.The salami is then typically covered with a layer of white, white/greenish mould.The product has a characteristic garlicky taste.This sausage is particularly large and, therefore, suitable to be sold sliced.

Handmade delicacies

Salumificio Bovo prides itself on the artisan quality of its products.The Venetian soppressa, considered a real delicacy by connoisseurs, is prepared with care by expert butchers.Our staff know the best cuts and the most suitable spices to make the taste of the finished sausage truly unique.You can trust our products to be safe, delicious and typical of Verona.

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