Wholesale cold meats

Wholesale sausages

At Salumificio Bovo, which also operates as a direct sale, you can buy cold cuts wholesale or retail. We sell both to private individuals and companies in the food sector. Responding to the needs of a large number of customers, the company is a landmark business in the province of Verona, dealing with utmost courtesy and professionalism of the sale of speciality home-made products.

Sopressa and other sausages

Delicatessens and supermarkets, but also private and small distributors: these are the main customers of the company, able to offer high quality products to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Among the items offered you can find Venetian sopressa, tasty sausage typical of the area and made with pork, but also luganega sausage, sausages and seasoned lard, as well as cotechino, rolled pancetta, rolled pancetta with black pepper, spicy rolled pancetta, pancetta coppata , salami, cold sausage and many other local specialities.

Careful seasoning and preservation

The sausages we offer, based on the type of sausage, are left to age in cellars and other protected environments. All products at Salumificio Bovo are ideal for both small and large distribution, as available in different amounts depending on the customer's requirements.

To place orders of any size, or ask for information of any kind please use the contact form in the Contacts section, or alternatively call the phone number 0039 045 542 014.

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